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Roast Chicken

Every few weeks full chickens go on sale for less than 2 dollars a pound.  When this happens we buy several and freeze them either whole or quartered.   The following recipe will give you a roast with crispy skin … Continue reading

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Buffalo chicken with crispy roasted potatoes tossed in blue cheese and parsley

This dish barely needs an intro because it speaks for itself.  I created this recipe one night when I was craving good pub food… and then proceeded to crave this dish for weeks to come.  Because the potatoes are cooked … Continue reading

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Cock a Leekie Soup

During the winter we make soup about once every two weeks.  We save the bones from our roasts and vegetable cuttings in a bag in the freezer and use them to make delicious hearty  stock.  Cock a leekie soup is … Continue reading

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Gobble Gobble. How to cook the perfect turkey

The turkey. It is the pièce de résistance of any thanksgiving or Christmas meal.  But it is the showpiece of holiday feasts that can also cause us the most concern. There are different opinions about the best way to cook … Continue reading

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